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First day of Summer

Today is the first day of summer in Iceland, – a holiday celebrated every year on the first Thursday after the 18th of April. Iceland is the only country that has a special holiday to celebrate the coming of summer. It is part of an Icelandic folklore. In olden days there were only two seasons, equally long, summer and winter.  In this respect the first day of summer was actually new years day.

First day of summer on the banks of Ölfusá River this morning before 8 o’clock.

The folklore says that if there is frost the night before the first of summer the summer will be good. Tonight the temperatures went slightly below zero and there was frost on the ground. The sun rises at 5:30 now and the sun is shining so it seems we will be having a nice warm day. According to the folklore the summer should be a good one.

Thin ozone layer


If all winter days could be like this. Clear blue skies and the river, with the sky reflected in it, as blue as it can be . These are the days for skying and skating. One fault though is that the ozone layer over the country is at its thinnest now so every one is advised to use sun blocker.


Tonight is winter solstice

We call the shortest day and the longest night of the year winter solstice. It is when the sun’s elevation in the sky is at its lowest which will be tonight at 4:49. So December 22 is the shortest day of the year.


In Reykjavík the sun crawls over the horizon at 11:23, it is at its highest at 13:26 and sets again at 15:30. After tomorrow the days will start to get longer, something almost everyone looks forward to. Happy Solstice 🙂

Short days and long nights


It is 16 days to Christmas and the sun just crawls above the horizon these days. Winter solstice is on December 22. It is the day in the year that is the shortest with the longest night.  Today sunrise was at 11:05 and sunset at 15:35. It was light for 4 hours and 29 minutes.