These birds belong to different orders but are grouped together here because they all breed by the sea and live and find food almost entirely on sea. They very often live in bird colonies, cliff colonies, laying just one egg and the chick stays in the nest longer than most birds. Seabirds have a long life, mature slowly and mate for life.

Álka Álka – Razorbill – Alca torda ORNOSK blogs
dilaskarfur Dílaskarfur – Great Cormorant – Phalacrocorax carbo ORNOSK blogs
Fýll Fýll – Northern Fulmar – Fulmarus glacialis ORNOSK blogs
photo Haftyrðill – Little Auk – Alle alle ORNOSK blogs
langvía Langvía – Common Guillemot  – Uria aalge ORNOSK blogs
lundi Lundi – Atlantic Puffin – Fratercula arctica ORNOSK blogs
Sjósvala – Leach’s Storm Petrel  – Oceanodroma leucorhoa ORNOSK blogs
photo Skrofa – Manx Shearwater – Puffinus puffinus ORNOSK blogs
photo Stormsvala – European Storm-petrel – Hydrobates pelagicus ORNOSK blogs
stuttnefja Stuttnefja – Brünnich’s Guillemot – Uria lomvia ORNOSK blogs
sula Súla – Northern Gannet – Morus bassanus ORNOSK blogs
Teista – Black Guillemot –  Cepphus grylle ORNOSK blogs
toppskarfur Toppskarfur – Common Shag – Phalacrocorax aristotelis ORNOSK blogs

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