Here we group together birds that live in and around fresh water. Seabirds, gulls and waders are not included. A lot of ducks live in Iceland, three species of geese breed here, two species of loons, one of grebes and one Swan specie. All of these live more or less on water, they usually breed by water and usually lay from four to twelve eggs. The Common Loon and the Great Northern Diver lay two eggs. These birds are adapted to life in water, have webbed feet and bills and legs adapted to feed in water. They get all their food in water except geese and the swans which also feed on grass.

Álft Álft – Whopper Swan – Cygnus cygnus ORNOSK blogs
duggond Duggönd – Scaup – Aythya marila ORNOSK blogs
Grafönd Grafönd – Northern Pintail –  Anas acuta ORNOSK blogs
Flórgoði Flórgoði – Slavonian Grebe – Podiceps auritus ORNOSK blogs
Grágæs Grágæs – Greylag Goose – Anser anser ORNOSK blogs
Gulönd Gulönd – Goosander – Mergus merganser ORNOSK blogs
Hávella Hávella – Long-Tailed Duck – Clangula hyemalis ORNOSK blogs
Heiðagæs Heiðagæs – Pinkfoot – Anser brachyrhynchus ORNOSK blogs
helsingi Helsingi – Barnacle goose – Branta leucopsis ORNOSK blogs
Himbrimi Himbrimi – Great Northern Diver  /Common Loon- Gavia immer ORNOSK blogs
hrafnsond-2 Hrafnsönd – Common scoter – Melanitta nigra ORNOSK blogs
Húsönd Húsönd – Barrow’s Goldeneye – Bucephala islandica ORNOSK blogs
Lómur Lómur – Red-Throated Diver – Gavia stellata ORNOSK blogs
margaes-2 Margæs – Brent Goose – Branta bernicla ORNOSK blogs
raudhofdi-2 Rauðhöfðaönd – Eurasian Widgeon – Anas penelope ORNOSK blogs
skeidond Skeiðönd – Northern Shoveler  – Anas clypeata ORNOSK blogs
skufond Skúfönd – Tufted duck – Aythya fuligula ORNOSK blogs
Stokkönd Stokkönd – Mallard – Anas platyrhynchos ORNOSK blogs
Straumönd Straumönd – Harlequin Duck – Histrionicus histrionicus ORNOSK blogs
Toppönd Toppönd – Red-breasted Merganser  – Mergus serrator ORNOSK blogs
Urtönd Urtönd – Teal – Anas crecca ORNOSK blogs
aedur Æðarfugl – Eider – Somateria mollissima ORNOSK blogs

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