Landbirds, non-passerine


The birds accounted for here belong to very different species of which there are not many in Iceland, only around 10 bird species. Of falcons, hawks and eagles there is only one species of each. There are two owl species, of gallinaceous birds there is only the Ptarmigan and of pigeons there is also only the Rock Dove.

Bjargdúfa – Rock Dove – Columba livia ORNOSK blogs
Brandugla Brandugla  – Short-eared Owl – Asio flammeus ORNOSK blogs
Eyrugla Eyrugla – Long-eared Owl  – Asio otus ORNOSK blogs
Gyrfalcon Fálki – Gyrfalcon – Falco rusticolus ORNOSK blogs
Haförn Haförn – White-tailed eagle – Haliaeetus albicilla ORNOSK blogs
rjupa-2 Rjúpa – Ptarmigan  – Lagopus mutus ORNOSK blogs
Merlin Smyrill – Merlin – Falco columbarius ORNOSK blogs

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