Predatory birds on the river

Fálki – Gyrfalcon – Falco rusticolus

In the last two weeks we have had very cold weather with temperatures going down to minus 10 to 12 degrees here in Selfoss. This cold weather seems to attract predatory birds, see our latest blogs on The White-tailed Eagle, and this weekend we also saw two Gyrfalcons here on the river by Selfoss. One of them was eating a duck.

The Gyrfalcon is a majestic bird and always a treat to see. We watched one of them hunting by the river which is home to a lot of ducks, geese, whooper Swans and gulls. When a White-tailed Eagle appeared in the area the Gyrfalcon was not  willing to give up its place and despite being much smaller attacked and drove it away.

Gyrfalcon driving a White-tailed Eagle away

With White-tailed Eagles and Gyrfalcons surging over the river it surely is a very special place.