Chick time

Jaðrakan – Black-tailed Godwit – Limosa limosa (juv)

All over the moors chicks  can be seen – chicks of Golden Plovers, Black-tailed Godwits , Whimbrels, Redshanks, Common Snipes, Ptarmigans and more. They are all over the place, in bogs and moors. Now is the perfect time to observe nature at its most beautiful. Due to mild weather in May and June breeding and hatching went well.

Heiðlóa - Golden Plover - Pluvialis apricaria
Heiðlóa – Golden Plover – Pluvialis apricaria (juv)

Yesterday we saw Golden Plover chicks and Black-Tailed Godwit chicks in Grímsnes. They were well looked after by the parents.