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Always as fascinating

This autumn the Northern Lights activity has been high but weather conditions not always as good as desired. Often there have been cloudy skies but conditions for viewing better in the North.

The Northern Lights are always as fascinating and I never seem to tire of trying to catch a good photo.

Last week I managed to catch some nice photoes but one must be vigilant and ready with the camera because the activity most often only lasts for a few minutes at a time.

Excellent week for Northern Lights

Some very nice Northern Lights could be seen all over Iceland last week. The weather was excellent, beautiful clear skies. The red ones were spectacular but only lasted for a short while. When I managed to get outside and put up my gear, they had vanished and the more common green colours had replaced the red ones.

Photos taken by Lake Thingvallavatn.

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Red Northern Lights

Red / purple Northern Lights on the south sky above Selfoss, South Iceland 27 February 2014

Normally, the Northern Lights are greenish in colour. Other colour variations from pink, to purple and red and blue can sometimes be seen but are not as common.

In the TV series Fortitude, season 2, filmed in Iceland, red Northern Lights adorn the night sky. These are, alas, not real thing and probably made with the help of computers.

Red Northern Lights are actually very rare and I have never seen anything like the ones in the TV series. Reds with a mix of green are more the real thing.

On February 27, 2014, Northern Lights in red and purple colours, mixed with the normal green, lit up the sky in Selfoss. That incredible  evening  I caught a lot of photos in my  garden.

High Northern Light’s activity


The last few nights the Northern Light’s activity over Iceland has been extraordinarily high. Night after night the sky has been glowing with colourful lights, although the greenish one is most prominent.


Northern Lights enthusiasts say this is one of the greatest activity they have yet experienced and also the longest lasting period.

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Strong and bright Northern Lights


This evening the Northern lights over Selfoss were so strong and bright that the lights from the town did not affect them.  A group of people had gathered, many of them tourist, and the atmosphere was filled with excitement. Every time the lights danced across the sky you could hear people applause, and I did too.


Info on Northern Lights on Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aurora

The autumn’s first Northern Lights


In the last few nights Northern Lights have adorned the night sky over Iceland.  From around August 20 the nights become dim enough for the Northern Lights to become visible, but in summer it is too bright. Last night, around midnight, the Northern Lights could be seen, here in the sky above the church at Úlfljótsvatn (South Iceland, near Þingvallavatn). They were bright enough to be seen despite the bright moonlight.