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Familiar guests

Barrfinka – Siskin – Carduelis spinus

The Siskin is a familiar guest in our garden both in spring and autumn. In their yellow plumage they are easy to spot and they always spark joy. This spring a male and a female have come into the garden together, so hopefully they will manage to breed and produce healthy offsprings.

female siskin

Siskins have probably started breeding in Iceland some years ago, but they are migrators and fly South in winter. They are forest birds that mostly eat seeds from trees such as birch, conifers and elders. Their habitat is in Europe and the east part of Asia.

female and male Siskin

Visiting Siskins

Barrfinka – Siskin – Carduelis spinus

The Siskin is a favoured guest in our garden. It is rather rare here although a frequent vagrant in Iceland. In the last few years they have come here in the spring and autumn, usually one or two birds, staying only for a few days. The Siskin may have started breeding regularly in the fast growing Icelandic forests but records are limited.

The Siskin stands out among the Redpolls on our feeders in their beautiful yellow and grey colours. The male is more prominent as the yellow colours contrast with the black.

Two Siskins with Redpolls and a Crossbill

For a week now three have been visiting. Whether they plan to stay for the winter remains to be seen but we make the most of their stay and watch them as they mingle with Redpolls and Crossbills. Their stay will most likely be temporary, our garden only a stopover before they leave for warmer climates.

Three different Finches

This autumn  three different finch species visited the garden. All rare birds in Iceland.

Chaffinch / bókfinka

A male Siskin was here in the beginning of October, a female Brambling in the middle of October and now there are two Chaffinches, a pair.

Brambling / fjallafinka

It is getting darker in the afternoon and difficult to get good photoes of the birds, especially on cloudy days like today.

Siskin / barrfinka

But I managed to get these three photoes, –not as bad as I thought.