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Louder and fighting among themselves

Auðnutittlingur – Redpoll – Carduelis flammea

The Redpolls gather round the feeding tray and we make sure there are enough sunflower seeds for everyone. We haven’t had so many Redpolls in the garden since January. Where did they go? We don’t know but this morning there have been more than one hundred.

Auðnutittlingur – Redpoll – Carduelis flammea

They woke us early this morning because they are louder and fighting among themselves, a sign that it is almost spring.

Auðnutittlingur – Redpoll – Carduelis flammea

In the last few days temperatures have been dropping and snowfall on and off everyday.  We are waiting for spring and hoping for a summer this year. Last year summer was a total letdown so we do not know what to expect but we are full of hope. The photoes are taken this morning.

Merlin lady always on the lookout

Smyrill – Merlin – Falco columbarius

This Merlin lady is a daily guest in the garden. She preys on the small birds and tries to catch them unawares. The Redpolls are her favourites but she also makes do with Snow Buntings and Starlings.

Auðnutittlingur – Redpoll – Carduelis flammea

There were around 50 Redpolls here today. These photoes are taken in the garden, February 26.

Today’s garden birds

In the lack of daylight in the last few weeks photographing birds in the garden has been difficult. Now the days are getting longer and it’s easier to get good photoes.  Today I managed to take two rather nice photoes, if I say so myself, of a Common Crossbill and a Redpoll.

Auðnutittlingur – Redpoll – Carduelis flammea

The birdlife in the garden has been very lively today.
This is a list of today’s birds:

  • Merlin (smyrill) 2
  • Sparrowhawk (sparrhaukur) 1
  • Blackbird (svartþröstur) 6
  • Redwing (skógarþröstur) 3
  • Raven (hrafn) 3
  • Starling (stari) 50
  • Robin (glóbrystingur) 1
  • Chaffinch (bókfinka) 5
  • Redpoll (auðnutittlingur) 30
  • Common Crossbill (krossnefur) 3
  • Snow Bunting (snjótittlingur) 50
Krossnefur – Common Crossbill – Loxia curvirostra

For further information on the garden birds:

Today’s garden birds

This weekend my students at the local secondary school are counting their garden birds. Of course I took part in this interesting project and counted the birds in my garden in the hours between 11 and 12 am. I also took some photoes, but that goes without saying 😉

Chaffinch / Bókfinka

Weather: NE 12 m/sec, clear sky and temperature 0°C.
In this one hour I counted:
Redpolls  40
Starlings 27
Blackbirds 6
Chaffinches 4
Redwings 2
Blackcap 1

Redpoll / Auðnutittlingur

Nú um helgina eru nemendur mínir í FSu að telja garðfuglana sína. Ég tók að sjálfsögðu líka þátt í þessu skemmtilega verkefni og taldi garðfuglana mína á milli kl. 11:00 og 12:00 í morgun. Jafnframt tók ég myndir af nokkrum tegundum.

Starling / Stari

Auðnutittlingur  40
Stari 27
Svartþröstur 6
Bókfinka 4
Skógarþröstur 2
Hettusöngvari 1

In the palm of my hand

In the winter time when it’s really cold outside the Redpolls come and eat from the palm of my hand. They like the seed blends you can buy for Canaries and Finches. You can usually buy them in grocery stores and pet stores.


Holding them in your hand gives you a very special feeling which is not easy to describe.  You could say that I feel like I enjoy some privilege not everyone has access to. –It’s a wonderful feeling.