Flói Nature Reserve

A good place to view and photograph the Red-Throated Diver and the Red-Necked Phalarope is in Flói Nature Reserve in the Southern Lowlands of Iceland. Fuglavernd– BirdLife Iceland runs a reserve there in co-operation with Árborg community. This is a wetland area rich with birdlife. The reserve is a river delta at the eastern bank of the … Continue reading Flói Nature Reserve

The meadows come alive

The meadows have come alive with birds. Spring is here and most of our Icelandic migrants have arrived. The bird reserve in Flói is a good place to watch them and observe their behaviour.  Meadow Pipits, Iceland’s most common passerine birds,  are prominent here with their short tsi tsi song and erratic flight. The Black-tailed … Continue reading The meadows come alive