The Greylag lays up to seven eggs

Grágæs – Greylag – Anser anser

The Greylag (Anser anser) is the biggest goose that breeds in Iceland. The species counts 20 to 40 thousand pairs. The Greylag mostly breeds in the lowlands, in lush vegetation and scrubs near water.


It lays up to seven eggs. In later summer they can be seen in cornfields and meadows but most of them leave for the British Isles in the autumn. In the last few years thousands of Greylags have overwintered here in Iceland.


Although the winter has been cold with loads of snow there are still a few flocks of Greylags near Selfoss. They stay on unfrozen rivers and springs.

Greylag – Anser anser – South Iceland, 18 January 2015

In Reykjavik there is a flock of Greylags that stays there year round and always overwinters. They breed in and near the city and stay in gardens, parks and other open areas during the winter.