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Thin ozone layer


If all winter days could be like this. Clear blue skies and the river, with the sky reflected in it, as blue as it can be . These are the days for skying and skating. One fault though is that the ozone layer over the country is at its thinnest now so every one is advised to use sun blocker.


Happy New Year


Happy New Year dear readers and thanks for following our blog. Our resolution is to continue posting photos of the birdlife around us and bringing you photos and info from interesting places we visit.
Today there is a little more snow than yesterday and the storm Frank has left the country.  It is a beautiful first day of the year 🙂

Cold Christmas day

Christmas Day was cold and windy in Selfoss. Lots of snow and temperatures below zero, – 9°C.  The same can be said for most of the country but in the North temperatures went down to – 20° C.

Christmas day. Selfoss and Ölfusá River

Reykjavík is the only capital in Europe to have snow this Christmas. That is unusual for this time of year  because in most capitals in East Europe and Scandinavia that would be the norm.

Tonight is winter solstice

We call the shortest day and the longest night of the year winter solstice. It is when the sun’s elevation in the sky is at its lowest which will be tonight at 4:49. So December 22 is the shortest day of the year.


In Reykjavík the sun crawls over the horizon at 11:23, it is at its highest at 13:26 and sets again at 15:30. After tomorrow the days will start to get longer, something almost everyone looks forward to. Happy Solstice 🙂

Short days and long nights


It is 16 days to Christmas and the sun just crawls above the horizon these days. Winter solstice is on December 22. It is the day in the year that is the shortest with the longest night.  Today sunrise was at 11:05 and sunset at 15:35. It was light for 4 hours and 29 minutes.

Number ONE website for travellers


The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration monitors driving conditions all over Iceland. In the winter time their web is our number ONE. There you can see maps of roads with info on the temperature, driving conditions and how many have been going that way in the last 10 minutes. There are also webcams on many of the most travelled roads. Special warnings are issued when very bad weather is on its way.

Main road Selfoss
Main road Selfoss

Their website is
From their site:
The best way to get information about road conditions and the weather on the road system is to call 1777 (if problems use +354 522 1100,   +354 522 1100). Open 8-16 in summer and 6:30-22 in winter. An English answering machine with similar road information is in phone number 1778. 

We arrived home safely
We arrived home safely