Stormy weather

Storm at the sea

In the last few days one storm after another has moved across Iceland. Most days the wind has  been between 15 – 23 m/s. This has disrupted travels and plans for Christmas. Life for sea birds has also been difficult in the turbulent sea.  Some look for shelter in fjords and harbours where the wind is not as harsh as out in the open seas.

The harbour in Thorlakshofn (Þorlákshöfn) is one of these sheltering places where birds flock in bad weathers.

Black Guillemot – Teista – Cepphus grylle (winter plumage)

Groups of Eiders, Long-Tailed Ducks, Red-Breasted Mergansers and Gulls have been there and a few Cormorants and King Eiders have been seen. Also a Black Guillemot and a Razorbill in the company of Little Auks.