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Night Herons in Iceland

Nátthegri – Black-crowned Night Heron – Nycticorax nycticorax

Black-crowned Night Herons are very rare vagrants in Iceland. Now three have been spotted in Stafnes in Reykjanes Peninsula. On 26 – 27 April three birds were spotted but in the last few days only two have been seen. These three are number 11- 13 of the birds that have been spotted in Iceland.

The Black-crowned Night Heron is a breeding bird in South Europe and their winter grounds are in Africa. Usually they do not breed more northerly than in France but strong southerly winds have blown them of course all the way to the North Atlantic.

A sighting like this always causes a lot of commotion among birdwatchers. They came from all over the country to see these unexpected guests, feeling thankful for such a rare and precious sighting.