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Birding news on ORNOSK.COM

Common Crossbill in the garden 31 December 2018

We thank you for following our blog the past year, 2018,  and we look forward to keeping you updated on the birdlife in our garden and in Iceland in the new year, 2019.

The year 2019 will be the sixth year of our blog ORNOSK.COM.  How time flies. Every week a list of species and number of birds in the garden has been published. Here is the list for the morning of the first day in the new year.

  • Blackbird (svartþröstur) 16
  • Redwing (skógarþröstur) 6
  • Fieldfare (gráþröstur) 5
  • Jackdaw (dvergkráka) 1
  • Raven (hrafn) 5
  • Starling (stari) 70
  • Redpoll (auðnutittlingur) 4
  • Common Crossbill / Red Crossbill (krossnefur) 6
  • Snow Bunting (snjótittlingur) 1

Happy New Year


Happy New Year dear readers and thanks for following our blog. Our resolution is to continue posting photos of the birdlife around us and bringing you photos and info from interesting places we visit.
Today there is a little more snow than yesterday and the storm Frank has left the country.  It is a beautiful first day of the year 🙂