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Vagrant Swans

Black Swan and Mute Swan

These vagrants ended up in Iceland in Hemrunes in Skaftártungu in South East Iceland. They probably came along with the thousands of Whooper Swans that over winter in the British Isles.  The Black Swan is an annual guest with two to three spotted here each spring. The Mute Swan, however, is rarer here and only ten have been seen before.

Hnúðsvanur – Mute Swan – Cygnus olor (juv.)

The Mute Swan is a young one, thus the brownish colour. It is in its first winter and will not reach puberty until four years old.

Svartsvanur – Black Swan – Cygnus atratus

The Black Swan and the  Mute Swan get along well together and seem to have made a pact, having occupied a pond where they have been staying for a week.

The pond they occupy