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The Arctic Fox

Refur / Heimskautarefur – Arctic Fox – Alopex lagopus

The Arctic Fox is the only native carnivorous animal in Iceland. In Iceland it feeds mostly on birds and the Ptarmigan is probably most important in their diet. They also eat fish and seal cubs, scavenge on carcasses and if necessary will eat whatever is available. They survive the Icelandic winter, active all the winter without hibernating. They store food for the winter, digging it in the ground for storage. In summer they might also double their weight to prepare for the harsh months of winter.

We came upon this Arctic Fox in the Southern Highlands noticing it only a few metres away when we stopped the car. Foxes are solitary animals and are sure to keep away from humans. However, in remote areas such as Hornstrandir in the Northwest they are quite tame and take to people.