The not so popular Great Black-backed Gull

Svartbakur – Great Black-backed Gull – Larus marinus

The Great Blackbacks are the biggest of the seagulls.  They are seldom grouped with the beautiful birds of this planet, however, up close they are not so bad, are they? Beautifully coloured beak, the breast and underpart the whitest of white and the black back must count for something.

The Great Black-backed Gulls mostly eat small fish but many dislike them because they are scavengers and opportunist that eat almost everything they can get and they are notorious for stealing eggs and chicks from nests. In Iceland there are even stories of Great Blackbacks killing lambs.

Adult with young ones

The Great Black-backed Gulls’ habitat is spreading southwards from the North Atlantic, from Iceland and as far south as France, and from the Atlantic coast of Canada as far south as North Carolina, USA.