Teeming with Redwings

Just arriving – Redwings on Eyrarbakki coast

Yesterday the seashore at Eyrarbakki was teeming with Redwings. These are the migrants that arrived on April 3 in the thousands from their winter grounds in the British Isles. They are spread over the South coast, staying near the seaside because of the cold weather. The temperatures this week are going down to minus 6 – 7°C in the night-time.

Newly arrived Redwing on Icelandic shores

Some Redwings stay in Iceland for the winter but most migrate. Just on the shore at Eyrarbakki their numbers were estimated to be at least 500 – 700. The Redwing is one of the best loved migratory birds  in Iceland and its arrival is awaited and  welcomed because it signals the coming of the long awaited spring.