Eldgjá Canyon – South East Interior


Eldgjá canyon was formed in an eruption in the year 939 – 940 and the lava it produced is typical for the Katla Volcanic System.  It is a 75 km long crack, up to 600 meters wide and 200 meters deep – the longest volcanic canyon in the world.  The eruption produced about 4.5 km3 of aerosols and 18 to 19 km3 of lava which spread over 800 km2 – making it the largest lava field in historic times.

The stone arch in 1977

Ófærufoss is an interesting waterfall that was formed in the eruption. The waterfalls are two and there used to be a very spectacular stone arch across the lower one. It was very popular to walk over this stone bridge but, alas, in spring floods in 1993 the stone arch collapsed.

Ófærufoss without the stone arch