Ölfusá River in winter

Mallards, Goosanders, Wigeons and a Raven

The most voluminous river in Iceland is River Ölfusá. Around this time of year you can expect to see a lot of ducks and  gulls there, some Greylags and Swans  and a Gyrfalcon, a Merlin or even a White-tailed Eagle flying above.

Svartbakur – Great Blackback – Larus marinus

Due to spring water a big part of the river never freezes. When creeks and lakes are frozen over, River Ölfusá is the perfect winter habitat for birds. The river flows just outside our window about 50m away from our house.

Goosander, Iceland Gulls and Common Gulls (gulendur, bjartmáfar og stormmáfar)