Sleeping sites

Hrafn – Raven – Corvus corax

There are a lot of Ravens in Iceland. They breed in rocks and cliffs but also in buildings and even telephone poles and sometimes trees. Most of the time, except during the breeding season, they roam the country side, visiting shores and urban areas in search of food. In evenings they gather in cliffs where they can rest and sleep.

One of these sleeping places is in Mount Ingólfsfjall not far from Selfoss. When counted in January and February, as they were coming into their sleeping area, the number of Ravens was around 450.


In the evenings, just before sunset, they come in flocks, large and small, from a big area in the Western part of South Iceland.  They reside high up in the cliffs and come every evening.   Sleeping sites or places like these are all around the country. When the breeding time begins the Raven pairs spread to their territories and cease coming to their joint sleeping places.