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The most common garden bird


In former times Redpolls could only be found in birch forests in North Iceland. In the sixties they started to breed in South Iceland and are now among the most common breeding birds in woods and gardens.  Around 50-70 Redpolls visit the feeder in my garden every day.

Redpolls are my favourites because they are very active, charming and have a great diversity in colour and appearance.


Three Blackcaps now


Another female Blackcap has now joined the pair from yesterday (see previous post). The three of them are feeding in the garden. Here is the male eating an apple that I placed on a twig. The girls are a bit shy and not at all fond of the camera.

– Stay tuned and see if I manage to get a good photo of them.



This male Blackcap visited my garden this morning. He was not shy when I came along with my camera. But it was difficult to get close to the female who accompanied him.  The Blackcap is a vagrant in Iceland but an annual guest in my garden and sometimes I have managed to keep a few of them alive through the whole winter.

– Stay tuned for updates on this couple.