Flying inland

Kría – Arctic Tern – Sterna paradisaea

The first Arctic Terns were seen by Selfoss today. They flew up River Ölfusá against the northern storm in a temperature slightly above zero. They are used to all sorts of weather here in the North but still they arrive every spring year after year all the way from the southernmost part of the Atlantic Ocean.
As early as the end of April they were first spotted by the seaside but now they are on their way inland in search of breeding places. The breeding time is the only time of year that the Arctic Tern searches inland, at other times it is constantly on flight over the open seas.

Chirping incessantly

Redpoll nest with chicks

Redpolls are among the first birds to lay eggs in the spring and now the chicks have already started hatching.  On my walk today I came across this nest in a spruce tree. Two chicks were in it but three were already out of it sitting on nearby branches, chirping incessantly for food. The parents must be very busy finding food for all these little mouths.

Auðnutittlingur - Redpoll - Carduelis flammea
Auðnutittlingur – Redpoll – Carduelis flammea